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The Starcraft Map Maker Message Board. Post comments, questions, and other related text about the site.
Camelot Systems - "Just because we couldn't die." That's right, it's back. The creator of StarDraft, StarGraft, and other gaming utility programs. If you can't find it here, you might be able to find it there. (If you can't find it here, you better inform me.)
A great online game. It's not one with pictures it's the type that has text. It's on 24/7 and fun even if it doesn't sound so try it out it's hard at first because there is so many different thing you can do.
It's like Earth but a bit different. There are much more options, but they are all alike. If you think Earth is too easy to play or too hard to understand, play this. It's easy to understand but presents quite a challenge.
Well it has everthing. Easy download and no dumb vote getting in your way and easy way finding the MP3 you want. I'm sorry let me rephase that, it has 3-4 popups when you load up the site and they are of course missing mp3 files.
For you anime fans artists out there. Even if you know how to draw anime style characters improve your skills even better that Julie's Art Tips and Tutorials. It's gives great examples and printer friendly pages. It's teaches you pretty much every thing you need to know to draw a basic character, facial expressions, etc...
Anime Colony has bunch of anime review and news. Thinking about buying something or not, or evn renting a tape from a friend but don't know what to choose. These guys pretty much seen them all, great site but takes along time to load, guess you just have to deal with it ^_^